Via a Facebook friend today-> “Knitters turn to graffiti artists with yarnbombing“.

Hello, all! I apologize for being woefully remiss in posting to Graphic Arts Daily. I’ve been busy designin’! With the increasing numbers of visitors I’m receiving in my stats, I  better get to work on keeping this blog up-to-date! I intend to pick this blog back up and post on a regular basis very soon, so keep this blog bookmarked!

I so love making data beautiful and it is one vein of design I really want to explore and become great at. It looks like so much fun.

Checkout  the awesome site at Way cool.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

Pardon the graphic  language in these vids.  It parodies a situation that is unfortunately all to common!

The Sequels…

….and more on You Tube.

Source: You Tube

I love kinetic typography and stop motion vids. Here is another fun one for you. Please note before viewing that it contains MATURE subject matter. Enjoy!

Source: azriencoch via YouTube

Source: yannikronenberg via YouTube
Song: from Firekites’ album The Bowery


Source: amigos39 via YouTube

This cool stop motion vid by a senior at Savannah College of Art & Design features post-it notes as a main character. I worked as a graphic designer at 3M, maker of “Post-It Notes(TM)”, so I get a kick out of seeing stuff like this.

Source: bunliu via YouTube














What are you going to draw today? I’m going to head to Barnes and Noble and pick up a brand new Moleskine to draw in. Yay! If my drawing isn’t hideous, I will post it here when I am finished. 

Send me yours and I will post it!


UPDATE: Well, it is hideous, but here it is anyway! :-)





Here’s the silly one I did while I was trying out the neat online drawing program at


I SO want one of these!

Source: This Is Star



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